Pubblicato il 18 agosto 2010 15:46 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 18 agosto 2010 15:46

The Ethiopian government has allocated about 589 million dollars to the creation of 10 new universities in several centers. Thus the largest country of the Horn of Africa will reach 32 athenaeums. The selected locations of the new institutions are the capital Addis Abeba, Borena in the Oromia region, Gonder, Debratabor e Woldia in the Amhara region, Assosa, in the Benishangul region, and Gumuz and Wolkite, in the South of the country. It has also been decided the upgrade to athenaeum the rank of the College Institute of Ambo, a center located in the western section of the country. In a statement issued to the local media, ,the spokesperson of the Education Ministry, Abera Abate, stated that among the new universities only the one to be built in Addis Abeba will be an engineering school. The colleges “will be operational within the next four years.”