Pubblicato il 15 luglio 2010 13:56 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 15 luglio 2010 13:56

A fiery-hot week: the muggy heat will continue to hover over Italy on Saturday, with 21 cities rated “red alert” areas. The top-range perceived temperatures are not budging from the present 37-39 degrees. So, the Country will be swept with a tropical heat wave from North to South. The hottest cities with a perceived temperature of 39 degrees – according to the Civil Protection Site – will be Latina and Rieti. The list then continues in alphabetical order (with temperatures being only one or at most two degrees cooler) as follows: Bolzano, Bologna, Brescia, Campobasso, Civitavecchia, Florence, Frosinone, Genoa, Messina, Milan, Naples, Perugia, Pescara, Rome, Turin, Trieste, Venice, Verona, Viterbo.