Pubblicato il 14 Giugno 2010 10:19 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 14 Giugno 2010 10:19

Levico Terme – Confindustria believes that, in a time of crisis, the priority is keeping productive activities in Italy. That was said by the vice president of the entrepreneurs’ federation, Alberto Bombassei, at a round table meeting. “In the era of global markets, including the car market, the priority must be keeping productive activities in Italy and trying to re-create the right conditions to draw interests to our country” Bombassei said answering a question about FIAT’s facility in Pomigliano. “In the past, our competitors in this sector used to be the English and the Germans. Now, they are the Chinese, the Hungarians or the Serbs, because whenever Ford approaches the companies of the components industry, which account for 72% of production, it turns to companies from all over the world”.