2 Men in 2 Different Moral Universes

Pubblicato il 16 luglio 2010 12:00 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 16 luglio 2010 12:00

da: The New York Times

As far as is known, or even likely, there is no formal link between Roman Polanski and the bishop of Bruges beyond the coincidence that both men, now in their 70s, were embroiled long ago in sexual abuse yet enjoy a measure of freedom.

But, in recent weeks, the juxtaposition of their unrelated cases has offered a starting point to ruminate on such questions as conflicting standards of moral judgment in Europe and the United States and whether celebrity, art, money or power might offer exemption from ordinary justice.

Last Monday, after restricting Mr. Polanski’s movements in various ways for nine months, the Swiss authorities rejected a U.S. request for his extradition on charges related to his flight from sentencing in 1978. Bernard Kouchner, the foreign minister of France, where Mr. Polanski, 76, is a citizen, said he was “delighted” at the ruling.

On that same day, Bishop Roger Vangheluwe of Bruges, Belgium, was…

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