Rassegna Stampa. Cina, Germania sulla difensiva. UE, dati online in cassaforte

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Rassegna Stampa. Europa e non solo sui giornali del mondo

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Germany.Chinese economic expansion: it’s time for a new strategy

Until recently, the relationship had seemed almost symbiotic and the roles were clear: Germany sold high-end machinery and vehicles in China, including more than 5 million automobiles in 2017 alone. In return, China exported furniture, refrigerators and electronic devices to Germany at unbeatably low prices. But now, China has reached adulthood much more quickly than expected.

The European Union enacts the world’s toughest rules to protect people’s online data

All are acting because the European Union on Friday enacts the world’s toughest rules to protect people’s online data. And with the internet’s borderless nature, the regulations are set to have an outsize impact far beyond Europe. Brazil, Japan and South Korea are set to follow Europe’s lead, with some having already passed similar data protection laws.

Sweden. The unsolved killing in February 1986 of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister

The cast of suspects in the unsolved killing in February 1986 of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister, has never been short on intrigue and theories linking his death to an array of global conspiracies. But, in the latest turn in a long-running saga that has baffled and embarrassed the Swedish police, Thomas Pettersson, a freelance journalist based in Goteborg, has brought the case closer to home, arguing after a long investigation that the killer was a Swedish man, Stig Engstrom, first linked to the case years ago as a witness.

Russia. The European Commission had reached a settlement with Gazprom

Officials in Brussels said the company had accepted a series of concessions, but unlike with competition inquiries into other companies like Google and Intel, it declined to issue any financial penalties.  The European Commission had originally filed charges against Gazprom in 2015, accusing it of breaking the bloc’s antitrust rules, leading to higher gas prices in five Central and Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria and Poland. Last year, it accepted provisional commitments by the company to address those charges.

USA. Mr. Weinstein  arrested

As part of a bail package negotiated in advance, Harvey Weinstein will put up $1 million in cash and wear a monitoring device. Mr. Weinstein, 66, had until recently seemed untouchable, harnessing his wealth and his influence in the movie industry to intimidate women out of speaking publicly and, only three years ago, withstand an investigation into groping allegations.

Trump signed a posthumous pardon for heavyweight boxing  champion Jack Johnson

The criminal conviction from 1913 that most would find abhorrent today — for transporting a white woman across state lines — haunted Johnson well after his death in 1946 and motivated politicians and celebrities for years to advocate for a pardon, however symbolic. Mr. Trump, flanked by boxing champions and Sylvester Stallone, the actor who brought the case to his attention, signed an order pardoning Johnson.

North Korea: military strikes simulation

This is an exercise based on what we know about American policy, North Korea’s military and the strategic calculus of Northeast Asia. It isn’t a sure thing, but it should make clear pretty quickly that the outcome of war on North Korea will be bad, worse or much, much worse.

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