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Rassegna Stampa. Europa e non solo sui giornali del mondo

Le socialiste Pedro Sanchez à la tête de l’Espagne. Un CV assez succint

Le curriculum vitae politique de cet homme de 1,90 mètre, au physique de Cary Grant, est assez succinct. Il va succéder à Mariano Rajoy, qu’il a détrôné de manière inespérée grâce à une motion de défiance, vendredi 1er juin à Madrid. Député entre 2009 et 2011 à la faveur de l’abandon du siège par un camarade du parti, il l’est redevenu en 2013 dans les mêmes circonstances. Pedro Sanchez n’avait été, avant cela, que conseiller municipal de Madrid entre 2004 et 2009… grâce à deux autres désistements. Cet éternel remplaçant disait, en 2010, apprécier sa fonction de « plombier » du parti, une petite main qui aide à réparer les fissures. Cependant, sa docilité présumée comme secrétaire général ne dure que quelques jours : en juillet 2014, il appelle les eurodéputés du PSOE à voter contre le conservateur luxembourgeois Jean-Claude Juncker à la présidence de la Commission européenne et casse son image, toute fraîche, d’homme politique mesuré et malléable. Au sein du groupe socialiste, cette décision contraire au pacte scellé entre les socialistes européens et la droite provoque la première fracture.

The virtual-currency world: is difficult to separate the good from the bad

While scams proliferated in the unregulated world of virtual currencies over the last year, a company in Switzerland seemed to be among the more legitimate outfits creating its own cryptocurrency. The company, Envion, said it had collected $100 million from investors this year with a plan to bring clean energy to the computers that manage Bitcoin. But like so many other projects that have pulled in millions of dollars through so-called initial coin offerings, or I.C.O.s, Envion is now melting down, with its creators accusing one another of fraud. The business appears to be in limbo. And investors are bonding on social media about how much they figure they lost on the project. The Envion experience is the latest reminder of how the sudden rise of virtual currencies has allowed entrepreneurs to have direct access to investors without regulatory oversight — often with financially disastrous consequences for investors.

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Steel and aluminum: US against the world

But there’s a longer-term danger for the American economy that’s a lot bigger than the 25 percent tax on imported steel and 10 percent on imported aluminum. It is that the administration’s trade policy is displaying an erratic, improvised, us-against-the-world quality that is anathema to businesses that must make long-term decisions about how to deploy capital. American negotiations with China over its trade practices have been even more erratic. One day, tariffs on $150 billion of imports from China appeared imminent, the next they were put on pause amid infighting by the president’s trade negotiation team.

Trump’s move to place tariffs on metals could provoke retaliation against American businesses

Leaders and officials from the E.U., Canada and Mexico were united in their disapproval of President Trump’s move to place tariffs on metals, which could provoke retaliation against American businessesChancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, on Thursday, called the tariffs “illegal,” while saying “the measures carry the threat of a spiral of escalation that will result in damaging everyone.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada said it was “inconceivable” that Canada “could be considered a national security threat.” Within minutes of the American action, Mexico had detailed a list of goods to target for retaliation, including steel, pork, apples, cranberries and cheeses.

Colorado. Oil and gas production is booming again.

Only a sound wall between the schoolyard and the fracking site. A sound wall separates the schoolyard at Bella Romero Academy from a fracking site in Weld County, Colorado. A new oil rig will rise behind a middle school in this sprawling county in the coming months, its slender tower bearing an announcement: fracking is back. Extraction does not have a spotless record, and in December an explosion at one of its operations turned into a fire that raged for hours, badly burning a worker and requiring assistance from at least eight emergency agencies.

South Sudan — The hunger season came early this year

This year is expected to be the worst yet. More than four years of civil war — most of this young country’s existence — have chased millions from their homes, leaving countless farms abandoned. The economy has been obliterated. Fighting has overcome some of the nation’s most productive land. Food prices are ruinously high.

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