Rassegna Stampa. Super-umani sono così lontani?

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Rassegna Stampa. Europa e non solo sui giornali del mondo

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Superhumans may not be that far away

Bioengineering is allowing human beings to take control of their own evolution. Whether it’s emergent cloning technologies or advanced gene therapy, we’re quickly approaching a world in which humans can — and will — change the way we live and die. And a world of unimaginable inequalities might not be that far away

Trump’s travel ban

Barely a week into his presidency, Donald Trump signed an executive order banning all entries to the US from people from seven Muslim-majority countries and nearly all refugees from around the world on a Friday afternoon. On Friday night, people were pulled out of boarding lines in European airports. By Saturday, dozens of people landed in American airports and were immediately taken into detention. It was eventually revealed that at least 750 people were detained under the ban, though at the time, the government wouldn’t even divulge how many airport detainees there were. Hundreds of thousands of green card holders — legal permanent residents of the US — became terrified of leaving the country out of fear they wouldn’t be allowed to return; it took nearly a week, and multiple mixed messages, for the Trump administration to confirm that the ban didn’t apply to them.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency and his $43,000 phone booth and first class travel

Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, was called to answer for his $43,000 phone booth and first class travel. He showed up for two long hearings on Capitol Hill Thursday bracing for a beating from lawmakers.

Designer rip-offs happen constantly. And it’s completely legal

American law doesn’t prohibit brands from copying each other.  Big fashion brands rip off small ones all the time, the most prolific offenders being fast-fashion companies, whose entire business model revolves around copying trends and bringing them to market quickly.

Not Ready for a Flu Pandemic

“If a virus like the 1918 flu struck again, we wouldn’t be able to create a vaccine fast enough to make a big difference,” says Sarah Gilbert, a virologist at Oxford University, who has been working on a universal flu vaccine for years.

“The boys were coming in with colds and a headache, and they were dead within two or three days,” a French nurse wrote on Nov. 11, 1918, the day of the armistice. “Great big handsome fellows, healthy men, just came in and died. There was no rejoicing in Lille the night of the armistice.”

Investors and regulators would both dearly love to know where the next crisis will come from.

Where will the next crisis occur? Corporate debt could be the culprit. In recent decades companies have sought to make their balance-sheets more “efficient” by raising debt and taking advantage of the taxdeductibility of interest payments. Businesses with spare cash have tended to use it to buy back shares, either under pressure from activist investors or because doing so will boost the share price (and thus the value of executives’ options).

Financial crises tend to involve one or more of these three ingredients: excessive borrowing, concentrated bets and a mismatch between assets and liabilities. The crisis of 2008 was so serious because it involved all three—big bets on structured products linked to the housing market, and bank-balance sheets that were both overstretched and dependent on short-term funding


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