Barack Obama is an inspiration: Ray Lewis

Pubblicato il 18 luglio 2010 2:00 | Ultimo aggiornamento: 18 luglio 2010 9:43

da: Telegraph

Playing Devil’s Advocate, I asked them just why Obama’s victory was so important. Their answer was simple: as they look around this country, they see no one in authority that resembles themselves. Which black politician could I point to, which prominent black figure still connected with his community, could they actually identify with?

Black Britons have had role models before, and have them now. But it is hard to identify fully with someone like Lewis Hamilton, because motor racing is such a different world. With Obama, the connection is there despite the distance, despite the power and influence he now wields: he began as a community organiser; he doesn’t talk in the traditional rhetoric of the politician, but borrows from the tradition of the black church, leading his congregation with the repetitions of a preacher. Even though he has become a…

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